8:30 AM

Caregiver Support Group: Preventing Burnout 

9:00 AM

Bringing Home Baby  

10:00 AM

Collaborative Parenting Group 

3:45 PM

Is this Normal? Girls self-esteem group

4:45 PM

Social Skills MS students

5:45 PM

Couples Group: Putting Energy into Growing Your Marriage

6:30 PM

Codependency Group

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Codependency Group:

This dynamic group utilizes the framework of Melody Beattie’s Codependent No More to help group members learn how to form supportive, loving relationships that are constructive and mutually beneficial. This group focuses on how to achieve healthy interactions and improved communication by learning to love and value yourself.

Is this normal? Girls Self-esteem Group

This group aims to empower teen girls through group discuss and weekly activities designed to help them develop positive coping skills that will allow them to better manage emotional dysregulation, interpersonal relationships, peer pressure, and poor self-image.

Social Skills Group For Middle School Children:

This group is designed for middle school aged children who are struggling with peer interaction, social anxiety and interpersonal relationship formation. It focuses on social cues, self-esteem, and relational communication. Each week the group will focus on a new skill that they will practice within the group dynamic in order to encourage increased social engagement.

Couples Group: Putting Energy Into Growing Your Marriage:

Often times relationships can come to a standstill where interactions and communication become monotonous and stale. This robust group features interventions to facilitate re-connection and interpersonal growth allowing couples to grow together by re-investing in their marriage.

Collaborative Parenting

Collaborative parenting builds trust and reciprocal respect through increased communication, compromise, and team based decision-making. This group aims to provide parents with collaborative techniques designed to foster increased family connection while simultaneously promoting independence and self-accountability.

Caregiver Support Group: Preventing Burnout

Are you a caregiver in need of support? This group aims to provide a safe place for caregivers to share their daily stresses, gain support and recognition as well as the opportunity to learn self-care techniques to allow them to be a more present caregiver.

Bringing Home Baby: Support Group for New Mothers

This group is structured to provide support and useful techniques for new mothers who are struggling after the birth of their baby. It focuses on establishing a sense of belonging through shared experiences and aims to decrease stress, strengthen relationships and improve overall wellbeing post baby.