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Yoga, Meditation, & Breath Work
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Reiki, Massage, Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

Challenging Minds LLC believes in a holistic approach to mental health and personal development. We offer Yoga, Meditation and Breath Work groups, Individual and group counseling, Reiki, Massage and Sauna services.

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Yoga individual and group classes.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Train your senses to be more present to the moment, rather than being focused on the past or the future.

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Andrew Matusiak, LCSW is a certified Buteyko Breathing Instructor.

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We also offer the following services:

Individual Counseling
Mental Health and Behavioral Trainings
Corporate Trainings
Program Development Consultation

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Our Torrington Group Clinical practice offers therapeutic supports for a variety of mental health conditions and supporting all age spectrums. Our clinicians are paneled with most private and state insurance companies and offer a sliding scale to clients without insurance who qualify. Each of our Clinicians is specialized to treat specific conditions and we will gladly match you with the best fit of what you are requiring support for.

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The Wellness Center in Bantam offers Yoga, Meditation and Breath work classes, as well as a variety of Clinical Groups.  Our wellness classes are run by certified professionals and our clinical groups are facilitated by seasoned clinicians.  Individual therapy , yoga and meditation sessions can also be scheduled, along with 1:1 Dance Movement Therapy classes, especially geared towards those suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

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Group classes train individuals to be able to increase their ability to have the body and mind to be less stressed and develop a healthier baseline.

Vinyasa Foundations:

Build your yoga practice from the ground up with this beginner flow.
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Vinyasa Flow:

Move and flow at an active pace during this vinyasa practice.
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Individual Dance/Movement Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease:

Renew your relationship with your body using movement, breath, music, and dialogue.
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Our team works to holistically develop customized counseling, training and programming platforms that match the individual or the corporation to achieve the best outcomes.

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