• The mechanism of Covid-19 remains unknown and it is not known whether breathing through the nose can inhibit this virus.
  • However, it is logical to breathe only through the nose given that the primary defense to airborne viruses is in the nose and not the mouth, that breathing through the nose can support the body’s natural resistance to infection.
  • Breathe through your nose, especially in public places – on public transport, while exercising at the gym, etc.
  • While in public places, slow down your breathing and deliberately reduce the volume of air taken into your lungs.
  • Be aware of your breath hold time during rest. During a head cold, lower respiratory tract infection or respiratory symptoms, breath hold time during rest is reduced. To test, exhale through nose, hold breath and time how long it takes for you to experience first definite desire to breathe. If it is less than 10 seconds, respiration is not optimal.

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